WK 6 16 Feb

Fighting for your story

Bryan Stevenson

Lecture / Q&A

Who decides when a story is valid? How do you make sure it benefits the public?

WK 6 Detail


  • Everyone makes one story pitch from assigned readings/screenings.


  • Bill Imada, founder and director of the National Millennial/Gen Z Community will visit the class to talk about how you might take advantage of the NMGZ's opportunities.
  • Using your answers to the homework exercise about lies and liars you did this week, we'll game out some confrontational interviews. Here are a few prompts:

What do you want to know?

What do you think the interviewee most wants to talk about? (Why did the interviewee agree to do this interview?)

How would you expect this interviewee to answer your questions?

Do you expect this interviewee to lie? If so, how will you respond?

Where would you hold this interview?


  • Read/watch assigned material for next week's class.
  • NO pitches due next week—instead, you'll write draft question sets for our two upcoming in-class interviews.
  • See "Homework Tools" tab at the bottom of this page for specific instructions about how to research and organize your draft questions.