WK 1 13 Jan

What is an investigative story?

Ida B. Wells

Read for next week

Alert: The following items include racial epithets as well as descriptions and/or images of racial and sexual violence.

Paula J. Giddings, Ida: A Sword among Lions, 2009


Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases, 1892


Lecture / Q&A

What are the essential elements of an investigative story? How do you find one? How do you pitch one?

WK 1 Detail


  • Student introductions
  • Review of class policies


  • Deconstructing pitches: What is the premise? What is the question? What does the reporter propose to find out? Why does it matter?
  • Practice pitches


  • Read materials assigned for next week (re Ida B. Wells).
  • Write a one-paragraph pitch for one of the assigned readings.
  • Write a one-paragraph pitch for a story based on one of the photos in the "Homework Tools" tab at the bottom of this page.