WK 12 13 Apr


Dean Baquet


We conduct our interview with Judge Calvin Johnson, which was set for two weeks ago but had to be postponed at the last minute.

Pitches for your final project are due today. You should turn in two pitches on two different topics, then, with my written feedback, you'll choose one as your final project topic.

We'll also review how to create a research packet, which is your assignment for next week.

Extra-credit assignment #2 is due at midnight tonight

WK 12 Detail


  • While workshopping pitches, consider: Does the pitch have the four essential elements of an investigative story? Does it have a central question? Can the question be answered with evidence? Does it resonate? If not, why not?
  • We also create a practice research packet for one of our previous read/watch stories


  • Create a research packet for your final investigative story
  • Click the "Homework Tools" tab at the bottom of this page for more details