WK 12 31 Mar

Reaching your community

Daniel Thompson


James T. Hamilton, Democracy's Detectives: Introduction, 2016


We workshop final article outlines.

We discuss the ISP's 2022 projects: cold cases, toxic disasters, and fraudulent universities.

Lecture / Q&A

What is the role of investigative reporting in 2022? How can you create stories that help people, or even reach them, when there's so much media everywhere all the time?



  • Everybody's article outline gets workshopped:
    • Does it have all the elements for an investigative story?
    • Who are the main characters?
    • What is the primary evidence?
    • Why does it matter to your audience?


  • Read Democracy's Detectives: Introduction.
  • Rough drafts of your articles are due at the beginning of class next week, April 7.
  • Review the feedback you've received in class and use it to help you write your rough draft.
  • Make sure you have a paper copy of your rough draft with you during our next class meeting so you can take notes on your classmates' comments.
  • April 7 (midnight) is also the deadline for turning in late assignments for 50% credit.