WK 2 20 Jan

Lecture / Q&A

Finding, vetting, and incorporating evidence in a story. Developing sources. Public or private?

WK 2 Detail


  • Everyone makes one story pitch from assigned readings.
  • Everyone makes one story pitch from photo assignment.


  • ISP alumni Nigell Moses, La'Shance Perry, and Naomi Winston visit our class, describe their experiences in the ISP, and talk about how to get the most out of this class and this program.
  • Workshop pitches with Nigell, La'Shance, and Naomi.


  • Read/watch next week's assigned material.
  • Write a one-paragraph pitch for one of next week’s assigned stories.
  • Click on the "Homework Tools" tab at the bottom of this page, choose ONE of the topics listed in the "Homework" section there. Then use the links listed below the topics to search for data about the topic you've chosen.
  • Write down your data findings and cite your sources, then turn in your assignment on Brightspace.